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El Carnaval Del Diablo

Jujuy, Argentina

The "Carnival of Humauaca", held yearly by the indigenous population of Jujuy, Argentina's most northern region. In mix between indigenous folklore and Spanish Christian mythology, locals celebrate and thank mother earth, "La Pachamama", for its generosity. It is believed that in this week, the devil comes out of the earth and is to be worshiped and feasted before returning back, blessing the earth and its people with fertility and success.

The carnival commences with the ceremonial descend of the devils from the mountaintops of Jujuy, down to a roaring crowd which eagerly awaits in the valley. It ends a week later with the devil's reburial, symbolising rejuvenation, fertility, happiness, and release to the people of Jujuy.


These are the Devils of the Carnaval of Humauaca:


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