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Born in Tel Aviv, Ariel Tagar started as a photojournalist covering conflict in Israel and Palestine. In 2002 he moved to London and got a B.A. (Hons.) in photography at the London College of Fashion. On his return to Tel-Aviv, he started working as a portrait and fashion photographer later shooting a string of reportage and travel stories in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Colombia, Uruguay, and Turkey. He published his work in The Guardian, The Observer, Vice, TimeOut Magazine and many more. He was shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards in 2018 for Best Portrait Series on his Vespa Club Uganda series. 

In 2014 he directed his first feature documentary film in Jamaica called "Congo Beat The Drum". He has since continued working as a DP for documentaries and news TV with clients such as Netflix, BBC (UK), Channel 4 (UK) , SVT (Sweden), and Deutsche Welle (Germany). 

Recent Publications:

Guardian - Vespa Club Uganda 

Guardian - Pico! Pico! Pico! 

Vice - Tyrant Bike Stickers


Exhibitions - 

Sommerset House, London - 2018

ICP, New York - 2019


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